Andrew Wilson-Dickson Andrew Wilson-Dickson


Andrew Wilson-DicksonAWD's The Story of Christian Music was published by Lion in 1992 after a long gestation. The edition (now out of print) was a large-format coffee-table hardback, generously illustrated and which quickly went into several languages. A few years later I was invited to expand the text into a paperback, renamed 'A Brief History of Christian Music' (1997). In my view this is a much better book. I was able to add two more chapters (music in Latin America and the Antipodes), make several corrections, expand the text at several points, add a discography and 51 musical examples in place of the illustrations. Recently (2004) the original book has been reprinted as a large-format softback. The language editions are (approximately):

French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Korean, Chinese, North American.

The book has had its effect: numerous invitations to make radio programmes, films and tv documentaries, most of which have foundered (though note a series of programmes on Radio 2 produced by Chris Stuart in ?1998). I have been invited to give lectures in far-flung places (not yet taken up) and more locally. I have also done some examining of theses on the strength of it. Total sales might approach 28000.

I occasionally contribute articles, most recently an essay on liturgical music in the 20th century in the Cambridge History of Christianity (Cambridge 2005) in the final volume (9): World Christianities c. 1914–c. 2000, Edited by Hugh McLeod.